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Charlene V. Smith / Man of La Mancha – The Complete Musical Play (1968)

Despite some initial recording confusion, Patrick and Charlene manage to get into some stuff. They talk women in the arts, dramatic structure, subtext, agency, and occasionally even mention Man of La Mancha. Featured ...

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Intermission: What am “Success?” (w/ Farrell Parker)

During their A Chorus Line conversation, Farrell and Patrick talked about the theme of “success.” Here is the unedited version of that ...

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Susanna Pretzer / Be More Chill – Original Cast Recording (2015)

It's a Zeitler! Dramaturg Susanna Pretzer is here to talk about this Joe Iconis musical based on the YA novel but Patrick keeps bringing up Heathers and it's super annoying. (A “Zeitler” is what Patrick calls ...