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Intermission: Sgt. Pepper – The Musical (w/ Daisy Eagan)

Tony Award-winner Daisy Eagan and Patrick talk British music, free expression, and drummers. Featured recordings: Twitter.com/OriginalCastPod Facebook.com/OriginalCastPod Email: ...

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Farrell Parker / A Chorus Line – Original Broadway Cast (1975)

Actor and Shakespearean scholar-in-training Farrell Parker comes by to talk about an album she adores and a show she does not. And the call is coming from inside the studio! Also T&A, ballet, and the nature and ...

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Intermission: L5Y the Movie (w/ Jon Rubin)

Jon and Patrick dive into the film version of The Last Five Years and then veer into why original cast albums are NOT soundtracks. Featured recordings: ...