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Intermission: The Agony and the Ecstasy of Tim Rice (w/ Jason Schlafstein)

During their Chess conversation, Patrick had some points about the quality of Tim Rice’s lyrics. Jason, being himself, had some counterpoints. Featured ...

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Michael J. Bobbitt / Once on This Island – Original Cast Recording (1990)

Michael J Bobbitt, artistic director of Adventure Theatre MTC, stops by ostensibly to discuss the 1990 Flaherty & Ahrens musical Once on the Island but he and Patrick quickly diverge into discussions of stripped-down ...

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Intermission: The Welders 2.0 (w/ Hannah Hessel Ratner)

During their Flora the Red Menace conversation, Hannah updated Patrick on her new role in The Welders playwrights collective and what we can expect from The Welders ...